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Christa Stevens

Investment Adviser Representative

Christa excels at helping people make smarter choices when saving for retirement so they can simply enjoy that phase of life. As a trained educator she is uniquely qualified to assist people with their investment choices, leading them through the allocation process just like a trusted teacher.

Christa likes working for Midwest Capital Advisors because of its independence and “fee-only” business model. She can advise and encourage you to save so you can live every day of retirement as if it were a fun weekend, not a work day.

Christa received her BS in geography from Michigan State University in 2003 and her BS in education from Grand Valley State University in 2006. After college Christa worked as a loan officer with a credit union. Immediately prior to joining MCA Christa worked at a national financial services company where she provided a variety of services to retirement plans.

Christa and her husband Ric love being parents to their two small children and their Border collie puppy, Dino. When not at the office or spending time with her family, Christa volunteers with her local Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group.