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Michigan Retirement Investment Consortium (MRIC)

MRIC (Michigan Retirement Investment Consortium) is a consortium of public school districts and community colleges in Michigan whose purpose is to provide employees with the opportunity to save for their retirement and ensure their financial independence through a supplemental savings plan. Our goal is to create the optimal retirement plan experience for participants.

Office of Retirement Services (ORS)

We administer retirement programs for Michigan’s state employees, public school employees, judges, state police, and National Guard members. This includes over 515,000 customers (approximately 250,000 active and 265,000 retired members). Nearly one out of every fourteen Michigan adults living in one out of every nine Michigan households benefits from our services.

Social Security Administration

403(b)wise: the essential guide to 403(b) retirement savings

TSA Consulting Group

The third party administrator for your plan. Visit this site for commonly used forms.