Managed Models

MCA Managed Model Allocations

Midwest Capital Advisor’s managed model allocations take the guesswork out of investing. Based on our extensive experience assisting clients with investing for retirement, we have found that the majority do not have the time, desire, or expertise to construct and manage their own portfolio. This is why we built six risk-based managed model allocations for investors. Each individual model is globally diversified to provide optimal risk-adjusted returns.

Model options:

  1. MCA Index – constructed using Vanguard’s passive index mutual funds
  2. MCA Managed – constructed with a combination of active and passive mutual funds from a variety of fund families

Why use our models?

First of all, where most other companies charge you upwards of 1-1.50% for creating model allocations, we do not. We feel this is a reasonable service to include in our already low-cost management fee. Secondly, we are independent and do not have any ties to, nor do we receive any compensation from, any mutual fund company. This allows us to remain objective when selecting mutual funds for our models.
Other advantages include:

  1. Professional management
  2. Low-cost
  3. No proprietary funds
  4. Globally-diversified
  5. Continuously monitored, evaluated and modified as necessary.
  6. No sales loads or commissions. PERIOD