Select Funds

Our Select Funds list is designed for participants who wish to allocate their own portfolio, but with some professional guidance. That guidance comes in the form of a list of mutual funds that MCA has screened and evaluated based on more than 11 different criteria. We DO NOT search for the hot new fund that has the best performance last quarter. Empirical evidence and academic research have proven that chasing performance rarely is successful over any meaningful period of time. Instead, we search for low-cost, consistent performers that will provide exceptional risk-adjusted returns over time. We feel investing for retirement is a marathon, not a sprint, so we select funds accordingly.

The MCA Select Funds list may be appropriate if you:

  • Wish to allocate your own portfolio
  • Have limited time to do your own mutual fund research
  • Have a current advisor assisting you with your investment options

The benefits:

  • Professionally researched and screened using more than 11 criteria
  • Monitored and updated on a quarterly basis
  • Low-cost
  • No loads or hidden commissions
  • “Best in class” funds